Yellow Soap Rabbit Gift for Easter Basket / White Bunny Rabbit Easter


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What's brand new, plump, adorable, and super fluffy?
Yup! Spring has come and the bunnies are here!
Ok, mine don't really have fur, so there will be no actual fluff (until you lather them), but if you are looking for candy-less alternatives for your Easter baskets, these little guys fit the bill.
Or gift one of these little sweeties in an Easter-stamped cotton pouch to someone special. They will love the pure essential oil scent and inside they will find an adorable little bunny, an ingredient card and a "Because you're someBunny Special" card.

The color bunny you receive will be random, but feel free to leave a note with a color preference, and I will send it if I still have it available. :)

*Makes a great gift or favor
*Perfect for Easter
*Beautifully scented
*Cold processed
*No artificial colors or scents
*Ph balanced
*Eco friendly
*Net wt. 3.9 oz
*Approximate dimensions 3.5x2.25x2 inches

Thanks for taking a look! :)

**No formaldehyde, glycols, nitrosamines, nitrates, sulfur compounds, phenol, Isopropyl Alcohol, BHT, DEA, Triclosan, cresol, artificial fragrances or colors**

My soaps are made by the cold process method with only high quality oils, food grade lye, natural botanicals, and pure essential oils. They are all palm oil free.

Saponified oils of olive, coconut, shea, and castor
Distilled water
Macadamia nut oil
Essential oils
Natural botanicals for color

This 3.9 ounce bar should last well over one month of daily showering. (If kept dry between uses)

*This product is made by hand in a real home where tree nuts, wheat products, and other such foods are prepared. Please keep this in mind if you have allergies.*

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