Playtime Story-Time Pillowcase. 20 Starter Sentences and Images. Blue


Orgin: USA
Sale price$31


  • Creative Fun - Playtime Storytime Pillowcases features over 20 colorful images and sentences that encourage kids to create their very own stories.

  • New Stories - No story is ever the same! Kids can create and recreate new stories every time they play with their Playtime Story-Time Pillowcase.

  • Eco-Friendly and Practical - Made from super soft microfiber, traditionally printed. Playtime pillowcase is a fun, educational, and creative activity designed for repeated use - Wash clean, re-use endlessly! Measures 20 x 30in.

  • Great Gift Idea - The best creative, fun, and educational presentations for kids. Perfect gift for sleepovers, parties, celebrations, holidays, birthdays, off to camp, and personal kids room too.

  • HELPING KIDS/TEENS - Your purchase of our pillowcase provides an opportunity for us to donate Playtime Story-Time Pillowcases to various organizations that provide beds for displaced kids and families.

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