TATI BODUCH brand is signed by a graphic artist, a fashion designer and a producer – Tatiana Boduch. The premiere of the brand took place in Milan during “Mipel Bag Show” on 14-17 February 2016.
Tatiana received a lot of feedback from the designers, boutique owners, and journalists from various fashion magazines, stating that her concept is really new, original and distinctive. Most of them stated her bags were the best bags at the fair.

Tatiana only works with the best artisans and leather producers to guarantee the highest level quality for each of her bags, from the materials used through to the finished piece. The same Italian leather is used exclusively by the best fashion houses. She also uses innovative knitted fabric made from high-quality Italian yarn Merino. Her handbags, scarves, and accessories encompass the same knitted fabric, they have the same colours, the same configuration, and the same style.
Tati Boduch handbags stands out from others due to its original design, ergonomic shape, elegant feminine look, artistic outlines on knitted fabric, and warm rich colour palette. With the usage of knitted fabric, bags are soft and delicate to the touch and the combination with the generous leather gives them a luxurious yet subtle look.
All TATI BODUCH bags are manufactured in limited series. These handbags, indeed draw attention, but in spite of this, it will be very improbable that you met someone holding an identical bag.