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Annie Collections a signature collection of designer sarees and more to dazzle the classic woman who is everything.

Annie was born with the essence of capturing the timeless charm of the Indian saree, with only a handful of minds and skilled hands, and we only came onto in the Spring of 2016, and there has been heart-warming response and love showered on us since there from ladies all over the world. We knew what a saree can do for a woman and the power of classic simplicity or fearless opulence. Soon it became our mission to create graceful drapes and offer it to the discerning modern Indian woman.

Suave and sensuous, soft and powerfully understated, and some outright bold,Annie designs will add a touch of exquisite elegance or a fierce fashion statement to your wardrobe. Some of our signature handcrafted floral designs are products of deep observation of nature and beauty. Some have a little drama that doesn't hurt. You will also see some contemporary designs that are abstract, flirtatious, statement-making and sometimes just pure fun. Some just vintage and classy.

We love to court wild imaginings with design every day and bring them to life with unmatched, meticulous attention to detail, spending days together shaping them exactly beautiful as they feel, with our hardworking team of craftsmen and women.

At Annie Collections, we want more than to create an inspired, original style - as treasured and distinct as the Indian Saree and YOU.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to check out products. We would love to hear what you think about our designs...

With deep gratitude and love,




Annie Collections

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